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Information For Sellers:

You might want to sell your business or would you may like a complete assessment and valuation of your business?

Either way, this is where Fair-Bro International can assist you.

  • We offer a no obligation, valuation and appraisal service through our National Broker/Associate Network.


  • The FULL BROKERAGE SERVICE is only provided in areas where there is an appointed Fair-Bro Broker or Associate; who will list your business for sale on our Website, in terms of the strictest Confidentiality criteria.
  • Prospective Buyers may view the businesses fro Sale that meet the SEARCH criteria that they enter - relating to: Industry, activity, size, profitability and price


  • Fair-Bro International Group will not divulge the business name, address, contact person and contact details nor shall we release any confidential information that might reveal your identity. All the Directors, staff and appointed Intermediaries of Fair-Bro International Group sign confidentiality agreements.

  • The information provided to prospective buyers searching our listings is extremely broad so as to conceal your identity. This confidentiality is maintained throughout the process by Fair-Bro International Group.

  •   The level of confidentiality that you require will be set by the Broker or Associate at the time of completing the Standard questionnaire when they first meet with the Seller. The information that is provided is then used to  List a Business/Property  and Fair-Bro International Group will use that to determine what information may be released.

What costs are involved?

At the conclusion of a sale that results from a sale concluded through an introduction  from the Fair-Bro International Group Broker or Associate, all sellers are required to sign a mandate and agree to pay a commission to Fair-Bro International Group.

The level of commission varies and  is based upon the value of the Business/Opportunity and this will be explained by the  Fair-Bro International Group, Broker or Associate.:

The Full Brokerage Sevice:

  • The Full Brokerage Service – All enquiries received are referred through Fair-Bro International Group. Prospective buyers are always screened and qualified, appointments are set up and negotiations and offers are managed, submitted and drawn up by Fair-Bro International Group. If required, the sale agreement is also prepared and monitored.

Reviewed and Approved on

You may download a Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) and Buyer's Profile Form from the DOWNLOADS section, which may be completed and submitted to Fair-Bro International for registration purposes.

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